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Feb 2017 8828

How you will find amelia before 7am at any race!

As I sit here finishing off my breakfast, I can’t help but notice my little mini is not present.  Normally on a Thursday morning I’m yelling at her to brush her teeth, get up, get dressed, leave the dogs alone, wash her hands, stop whining about anything…etc etc.  But today we are on week 2 of summer schedule and I hate it more than anything! Sure, its great when shes at home, right where she needs to be with her momma.  But when she is on the week away, I don’t feel the same or complete.

Now if you’ve been to any of the races I’ve timed or directed or assisted or competed in, you’ve seen a miniature version of myself running around.  Usually she is hanging out with the unsuspecting sponsors at booths.  They love her.  She is just soaking in information about what they’re trying to get people to buy.  For example, in Jeckyll Island she became besties with the $1 a minute massage lady.  The woman gave her a huge bag of candy at the end of the weekend and taught her how to do chair massages.

This is where that balance comes in to play though.  I know why there aren’t a lot of moms of young kids directing a lot of races.  My girl made a comment not so long ago that she wished I would not always be on my computer.  So I put it down and waited for her to fall asleep.   When there is a race that I am responsible for a lot of stuff, I tend to take her ability to self entertain for granted.  The attention she seeks sometimes is not always positive.  Boo Boos hurt worse when mommy’s busy, and oh the need for mommy’s attention when there is a busy finish line mommy is working!

I love when she tries to help.  Its a whole 5 minutes after I give her a job to do that she decides she wants to do the job I’m doing.  This is where I feel like I am teaching her a lesson, Lol.  You have to do the job your given well in order to get the job you want!

She’s not buying it.  So she quits altogether and goes to the playground, or sand pile, or the nearest dog on a leash.

I try to keep reminding myself that I do this job for her.  That she is around some of the best influences and some of the nicest people (mind you there are jerks, but they don’t hang out at registration or the timing table or the finish line).  My goal is to keep her so busy she doesn’t have time to think about boys or her body not being the way the magazines are or drugs or any negative influences that pop up for teenagers.  NO she’s not a teenager, but she will be, like a freight train she will be!

So Double Dip this weekend was a success.  We had an awesome hotel sponsor that gave us a sweet deal at a sweet hotel with some pretty awesome staff.  We asked for a late check out.  So after hanging out with mom at the race, Amelia and her cousin Ella got to hang out at the lazy river/pool for the rest of the day.  This made me feel good as a momma because instead of going to an awesome venue and not getting to enjoy it, she got to do something she loved and didn’t even complain when it was time to go home.  #mommywin

During the race, because she knew we were hanging out afterwards, I don’t think I saw her but only to open her drinks and give her permission to do something when she asked.  It was like a dream to know that Amelia was busy playing with a friend and safe.  When I am directing a local race, even though she has her watch on, I am blessed to have all my vols and friends and staff helping to keep her safe.  There was an incident a few weeks ago that made me even more aware.

We were in Goose Pond and had a volunteer group no show.  That left the staff to pull double and triple duty, including myself.  I was timing, finish line, awards, and post race food.  I had help, but he was in charge of transition too, so it was a bit hectic.  Amelia was running around the parking lot and back and forth to the make shift beach.  I never have to worry about her going in the water, but I worry that she will get taken (mainly because she is so stinkin beautiful).  When I’m at a home race I don’t worry so much.  Everyone is eyeballing her and someone knows where she is at a moments notice.  Not there, I didn’t know hardly anyone.  So I spot checked her every few minutes by putting my eyes on her. And at every break I would go where she was at and hug her and ask her if she was having a good day.  It was a great system.  During a run across the parking lot, i found myself scanning the lot for her and saw her walking to a womans car, with a woman that I didn’t recognize! I sprinted across the parking lot yelling AMELIA! AMELIA GRACE! AMELIA!

Just then the woman opened her car door with Amelia next to it.  I sprinted faster than I ever have.  Ever.  The woman finally heard me and looked up.  When she did she got this horrified look on her face because she knew what she caused.  She ran up to me and apologized. She said that she knew me and was just letting my daughter play with her daughters toys, but she didn’t even think about how it looked.  I couldn’t breath for a second, but when I did, I asked her to introduce herself so I would know from now on.


Its a learning process like everything else.  But she loves it and it amazes me when she talks the lingo and other kids look at her like she’s weird.  When her response to a question about problems in life was about a triathlon and the rest of the kids were about tying shoes, cleaning their room, etc….well I don’t think that’s weird at all!

If you see my mini at a race, make sure she isn’t getting into trouble, a mudpile, or someones car! Also, if you need your kid to hang out while you race, Amelia is great at entertaining other kiddos!

#ironmom #ironmuna #samething #mymini #shessoawesome


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